Did you receive a new mini Polaroid camera as a gift? I remember back in the ’70s, these old Polaroid cameras that would eject a picture on the spot, it was amazing and a must have. We were at a friend’s wedding about two weeks ago, there were hundreds of little pictures (3.5 x 2.3) prints, various pictures of the soon to be a married couple. These were hung like Christmas lights would be around the giant pine trees on strings. The guest book included a picture of yourself and family and your names printed next to the picture.  There was a new Polaroid camera sitting on the table which looks for classy and so much like the 70’s model but much more vintage and digital. Once you took a picture, a 3.5 x 2.5 print is ejected. You hold its edges at your fingertips and wait anxiously to see the picture slowly come about. The anticipation was exactly as the ones I remembered as a kid in the 70’s waiting to see how did the picture come out. Blowing on the picture really did not speed up the process, although it felt like it did. With some Elmer's glue, you stick the picture right into the guest book and sign your name on it. (Very cool idea by the way) This was such a clever way to see all of your friends and family in a wedding guest book!  We, not having known anything about the new Polaroid size film had given them two of our pewter frames as wedding gifts. That worked out.