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We are the Fugawee, but the Pewter end of the company, my name is Alex Ayotte Fugawee is in its thirty-third year of business. Started in 1984 by my father and Mother Art and Nancy Ayotte we have been manufacturing buttons and event medallions. Our other main stay is historic footwear historic footwear. Like for Movies and Re-Enactors. I have been casting pewter for a long time I started in 1998. We opened up on ETSY so we could do some art we like doing and not necessarily historic but cool. We only use Britannia it is a lead free pewter alloy, it is FDA approved and used in food equipment.
Britannia is one of my favorite metals to work in also because it has a warm feel and looks so good, can be a high shine or a dark oxide. Aluminum and Magnesium tastes bad when you’re sanding or filling it, (you’re going to get a flake in your mouth), steel is hard and cuts slow, Copper is great to work cold.
Me, love my job, got out of IT and corporate and back into the family historic shoe business. I brought all our pewter work in house about three years ago. I am always looking for things to make.
So that’s a little about me.

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